Hi, I’m Jen and this is my blog.

I’m married to Matt and we have Elizabeth and Ryan.

Elizabeth is this old:

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Whoa, wait a minute here. Just HOW old is she? How did THAT happen? What in the world is that FIVE doing there?

Ryan is this old:

Lilypie First Birthday tickersThat’s more like it.

Matt and I have been married for:

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Our second child died before he could be born. His name is Luke.

If you are like me and you sometimes like to start from the very beginning, here is the first post on this blog.  (I have archives elsewhere, in case you are confused by the fact that I claim to be blogging for three years longer than this blog has been open.)

We have two dogs, Trinity and the little dog.  The little dog has a real name, but we are pretty sure that he is the only dog in the whole world with that name. He’s shy and doesn’t want to be Googled.

I am a stay at home mom, so I blog in order to get some human interaction.  Leave me a comment, okay?

I like books, the internet, cleaning, books, cooking, books, baking, eating out, and more books and more internet. Not necessarily in that order, except for the part about liking books.

Matt likes movies.

Elizabeth likes playing, doing stuff, reading books, watching her shows, playing, her friends, HER LITTLE BROTHER, never holding still, dancing, singing, doing “new tricks”, and generally causing chaos and destruction. But in a very well meaning way.

Ryan likes milk. And sleep. And Mama, Dada, and that crazy older kid that always seems to be hanging around. He is also a pretty big fan of that handsome baby that lives in the mirror. And he wants to go to bed at 6:00pm, NO LATER and don’t you try and make him stay up. He’ll cry. A lot. JUST PUT HIM TO BED ALREADY.

Trinity dog likes outside, treats, walks, telling the evil backyard rabbit who is boss (Trin is boss, not the evil backyard rabbit), and sitting in the mud before coming inside to sit on the white carpet.

The little dog likes nothing.  Well, he likes Matt.  And me.  And Trinity.  And Elizabeth, as long as Elizabeth is not trying to remove his ears. And maybe that baby, since that baby never bothers anyone.  But that’s all.  He certainly doesn’t like YOU and he is NOT going outside, he can hold it, thank you very much.  Please let him stay in the house.  And don’t let anyone come over.  He’ll be in his crate, hiding.  He’ll see you later.  Or he won’t see you later, he’ll just stay in his crate, where it is safe and dark.

Did I mention that you should leave me comments?  I like comments. And I think you are pretty.