Advent Day Fifteen

Today had two Advent Activities. Firstly, we went to the mall (stupidly, on a Saturday in December) (we didn’t stay long, so it wasn’t that bad) and chose a name from the Angel Tree.

We picked a sixteen year old boy because everyone else takes the little kids. He asked for a Game Stop gift card so we went and bought one and took it with the tag and dropped it off at the collection area. Matt looked at the pile of presents and said “you are right, they are all for little kids, I’m glad we picked him.”


Then we stopped by our local tiny museum which was having “An Old Fashioned Christmas” with Santa, hot chocolate, crafts, and storytelling. (Actually, I believe that, according to the sign, they were actually having “An Old Fashion Christmas.”)

We saw Santa, had hot chocolate, made crafts, Elizabeth got a Christmas present painted on her face, and had a private session with the storyteller.


Also, check this one out. Ryan is totally giving Santa the crazy eyes.


And then we ran into our across the street neighbors there (this museum is four minutes from our house) and the kids threatened each other with sticks.


Elizabeth was calling the boys “Stick Boy” and “Other Stick Boy” and they were calling her “Stick Girl”.

*I know I skipped an Advent day or two in there. I shall go back and catch up eventually. You need to at least see the button Christmas trees.


  1. Meredith says

    I have been meaning to get a name from the Angel Tree, and I will follow your example. Dibits looks so cute with a flower in her hair!

  2. says

    I like the idea of picking a teenager from the angel tree. We usually pick a family (the way my church sets it up you can ask for names for a whole family) but we haven’t gotten to it yet this year.

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