Floor Vacuums

April 22, 2014

The other day, Elizabeth went into the pantry after she got home from school and got herself a snack. She picked out a bag of dry cereal and was walking around munching on it. I was working in the kitchen and a few minutes later, she called me into the front hall, all excited. “Mama! […]

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Ready for School!

April 21, 2014

Ryan is almost always awake when I leave to take Elizabeth to school, so he usually comes along for the ride. Since we don’t have to get out of the car to drop her off (her teacher comes out to the car and gets her out, it’s the best), I usually don’t get Ryan dressed […]

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Friday Night Leftovers- Untouched Backpack Edition

April 18, 2014

•Elizabeth came home from school today with her backpack in mint condition from when I packed it on Monday. (Her class leaves their backpack at school for the week and it is only sent home Friday.) •The Easter eggs I sent for the class Easter egg hunt (which was today) were still in there untouched, […]

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Milk Head

April 17, 2014

“Elizabeth, do you know why Brother’s head is all wet and crunchy looking?” “I thought it was funny to pour milk on his head.” “Please do not do that again, I do not think it is funny.” “Well, Brother and I think it is very funny.”

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April 16, 2014

I bought a box of Peeps at the store the other day. Elizabeth was enchanted and spends most of her time now begging to be allowed to eat one. Only she calls them Peepers. Which is basically the best thing ever. She’s doing very well in Peep consumption simply because we enjoy hearing her talk […]

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Nap Baby

April 15, 2014

Ryan woke up from his nap this afternoon about fifteen minutes before we had to leave to pick up Elizabeth from school. Normally, I give him a few minutes to roll around in his crib and get his bearings, but today I wanted to run a quick errand on the way to school and we […]

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Car Car Shoes

April 14, 2014

This afternoon, I was carrying things up and down the stairs and I left Elizabeth and Ryan downstairs together. When I came back down, they had been in the dress up closet together and had both put on dress up shoes. Elizabeth had on “click clocks” and she had helped Ryan put on his “car […]

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The Better Option

April 13, 2014

Tonight after dinner, I took Elizabeth and Ryan to the ice cream shop. We waited in line for our ice cream and then went to find a table. This store doesn’t have any high chairs, so I just sat Ryan on a real chair next to me. He likes that anyway because he likes to […]

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