Halloween 2015 Costumes

I am lying here in bed, trying to work out what the kids should be for Halloween. Elizabeth, for the first year ever, has waffled on her costume. She wanted to be a fairy princess and then she wanted to be a mermaid fairy princess and then she wanted to be some Star Wars character from Disney Infinity and then she wanted to be something else that I have forgotten. And she wants Alex to be whatever she is, only the baby version of it. 

Ryan wants to be a fireman. Full stop. A ‘tend fireman because Ryan is not a real fireman, he knows this for sure. He also intends to ride his tiny ride on fire truck when he goes trick or treating. (I am hoping I can talk him out of this because he gets tired of riding it when we go on walks because he’s way too tall for it now.) 

I’m going to suggest that Elizabeth goes as her current favorite book character tomorrow (Cimorene from the book Dealing with Dragons) and I suspect that it will be the perfect idea and her mind will be made up. I think the reason she’s been waffling back and forth between a bunch of ideas is because she hasn’t been excited about any of them yet. 

Friday Night Leftovers- Florida Edition

•When I took the dog outside tonight before bed, there was a lizard in the track of the sliding glass door, a little hoppy frog on the doormat, and a large tree frog on my porch broom. 

•The large tree frog was pooping on my broom. 

•While I was battling broom pooping wildlife, I could hear the Disney fireworks going off in the distance. 

•I really like living here. Matt and I just made plans to go to Disney on Sunday. Just randomly. 

•Ryan continues to really like his baby sister. 

•Alex thinks a lot of her hand. 



I’ve never bothered to correct anyone who gets the gender of the baby wrong when they walk up to me in the grocery store. It doesn’t bother me when Alexandra is called a boy or when Ryan was called a girl or when Elizabeth was called a boy. Babies all kind of look alike at the beginning- small bald creatures that can’t hold their heads up. 

Ryan, however, is a different story. We’ve already discussed how he likes to show off his baby to people we see when we are out and about. In the last few weeks, he has started noticing when they call Alex a boy. And he does not like it. Not even a little bit. 

He furrows up his tiny eyebrows and he shouts “DATS MY AHH DISTER!” And then I have to translate for him because he does not let it go until these (well meaning) strangers have been corrected, and have properly admitted that that is his Ahh Dister.