Friday Night Leftovers- Random Cleaning Tidbits Apparently 

•My life is so much better when I clean up the downstairs before I put the kids to bed. Because as soon as I come back downstairs, I sit down and don’t get up again. 

•Then I don’t go to bed on time because I don’t want to get up and clean up the kitchen. So I just continue to sit. It works much better to clean up before so I can sit without distraction after. 

•The auto suggestion thing on my phone keeps suggesting that I should write clean the stairs. Judgy there, aren’t you, phone? 

•I do need to clean the stairs. I almost always have to clean the stairs because I don’t like to clean the stairs. iRobot needs to hurry up and make a Roomba that can climb stairs. 

•I also need to revise our dinner menus. We keep having the same few things. 

•Ryan got himself a box of crackers today and took them over to sit in the living room and nicely asked me to turn on his pre-bedtime show. So he’s coming along nicely. Self sufficient. I like that.  


It occurred to me that I had shared this elsewhere but never on here. So… 


Elizabeth was originally putting her vote for the name Ariel for the baby. But when I told her that the baby was unlikely to have red hair (she asked), she decided that Ariel simply wouldn’t do. So now she’s pushing for Elizabeth Junior or Elizabeth Two. Occasionally she’ll say that Rosie is an acceptable name too. (Long time readers may remember that Elizabeth’s middle name is Rose…) 

Ryan has no opinion. If you mention a baby to him, he just says “huh?” 

Little Helper Brother 

Elizabeth was crying tonight at bedtime due to terrible injustices (committed by her own MOTHER, THAT JUST MAKES IT WORSE!) She was supposed to be brushing her teeth, but who can brush their teeth when such terrible things such as bedtime exist? In the midst of her tears, Ryan appeared in the doorway with her favorite of his favorite toys (Skye, for all you Paw Patrol fans) and handed it to her. 

I told him thank you for being so sweet to help his sister feel better and he trotted away. She continued to weep (the INJUSTICE!) so a minute later, he was back, with another one of the same toy. “Dister? Two? Two?” This finally cheered her up enough for the wailing to stop because she really does love him a lot. 


Age Two

I shared this picture of Instagram but I had to share it here too because it is just that great. 


Mind you, this is after I had already finished changing his diaper and told him we could go back out into the restaurant as soon as he was finished yelling. But no. 

He actually had to be carried outside, through the restaurant, while screaming. At the stroller, I offered him a juice box and he shut off the screaming like turning off a faucet. Just bam, done. 

Then he went back inside and ate a remarkable amount of pizza.