Elizabeth is really good at making friends. Everywhere we go, she finds a friend and suddenly they are the best friends that have ever been. Yesterday we went to the Crayola Experience at the mall, kind of randomly. (We were at the mall and I figured why not?) In the toddler play area, Elizabeth met a five year old girl named Zoey and they started playing. The next thing you know, Zoey ran over to her dad who was standing next to me by the side and shouted “Dad! Can you write down Elizabeth’s mom’s phone number and give her our phone number so that Elizabeth and I can have a sleepover?” Her dad (who I think I could be friends with) said “well, honey, we could, but you see, we live in Virginia.” 

Then, several hours later, Elizabeth left her yoga class early to come ask me if she could go home with her friend Charlotte to play. (It was 7:45pm, I said no, and Elizabeth felt that I was utterly unreasonable.) Immediate friends, everywhere she goes. 


There are a few things about the kids that please me. 

•They were all born on Wednesdays. 

•Elizabeth’s name has a Z, Ryan has a Y, and Alexandra has an X. In reverse order even. 

•Their bedrooms go down the hall in age order. At the moment Ryan and Alexandra are sleeping switched (well, Ryan hasn’t moved out of the nursery into his permanent room yet) because his room has bunk beds and a crib so I am sleeping in there with the baby, but eventually they will be in a proper order. 

•There are three years and ten months between Elizabeth and Ryan and two years and nine months between Ryan and Alex. (I do not expect to have another baby in one year and eight months, so don’t hold your breath for that.) 

•Something else that amuses me about their spacing is that I always round it. So when people ask, I say Elizabeth and Ryan are four years apart, and Ryan and Alex are three years apart. But because Elizabeth and Alexandra are six years and seven months apart, I round the other way and say they are six and a half years apart. If you put all those together, it doesn’t make sense. 

•Elizabeth’s birthday is 12-3 (1-2-3) and Alex’s is 7-8-15 (7+8=15). Both nice numbers. 

•Ryan, my niece, and Alexandra were almost all spaced equally about 17 months apart. Alex messed that up a bit by being a good bit earlier than expected but close enough. 

She Remains the Best

Seriously. Elizabeth is so helpful. She will hold Alex for me whenever I need to do anything and 93% of the time, she holds her the whole time I am doing whatever it is and both of them are happy the whole time. Alex isn’t even this happy when I am holding her. 

While I was folding laundry: 

While I was making a snack for everyone: 

While I was cleaning up the downstairs: 

While I was taking a shower: 

Ryan isn’t permitted to be alone with the baby at all (Elizabeth isn’t even allowed to pick her up, just remain motionless where she is when she is given the baby) so he’s working on breastfeeding instead. It’s not yet worked out for him, but he says that as soon as he gets the pillow on right, he’s hoping for more success. 


Friday Night Leftovers- Newborn Edition 

•Babies eat a lot. So often. 

•Ryan has finally started to ride his little balance bike around. It’s adorable. He’s always favored his little plastic cars but all of a sudden, he’s pro bike. I love it. 

•I am delighted to be back in the time of pajamas with animal feet and things on the butt. She’s wearing fox pajamas with fox feet right now. (They are way too big but someday they will fit and her feet will actually be in the fox feet and it will be perfect.) 

•Baby carriers are the best. I have been using my K’Tan and it is awesome. Once it fell out of the car seat in the garage and when we got there, I didn’t have it and I had to carry the car seat around and it was terrible. 

•This baby hates having her clothes and her diaper changed. It’s too cold and she prefers to be warm and held and permitted to sleep at all times.