Nap Baby

April 15, 2014

Ryan woke up from his nap this afternoon about fifteen minutes before we had to leave to pick up Elizabeth from school. Normally, I give him a few minutes to roll around in his crib and get his bearings, but today I wanted to run a quick errand on the way to school and we […]

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Car Car Shoes

April 14, 2014

This afternoon, I was carrying things up and down the stairs and I left Elizabeth and Ryan downstairs together. When I came back down, they had been in the dress up closet together and had both put on dress up shoes. Elizabeth had on “click clocks” and she had helped Ryan put on his “car […]

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The Better Option

April 13, 2014

Tonight after dinner, I took Elizabeth and Ryan to the ice cream shop. We waited in line for our ice cream and then went to find a table. This store doesn’t have any high chairs, so I just sat Ryan on a real chair next to me. He likes that anyway because he likes to […]

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Babies in Dresser Drawers

April 10, 2014

I am an improviser. Elizabeth started out sleeping in our room because we didn’t want to lose our guest room and we thought we were moving soon anyway. Then we didn’t move and it became clear that her sleep and ours was being ruined by the room sharing. So she slept in our walk-in closet […]

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Disney Restaurant- Grand Floridian Cafe

April 8, 2014

One of our favorite Disney tricks is to make a breakfast reservation for the day we go to the Magic Kingdom. We always make this reservation on the monorail loop- either in the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, or the Contemporary. This way, we can park at the hotel, eat a nice breakfast there, and then […]

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Master of the Fishes

April 5, 2014

We went to Universal Studios today with my youngest brother-in-law and his girlfriend. We stayed all day, which we almost never do. We did basically every ride in the park and certainly everything we wanted to do. Elizabeth rode One Fish, Two Fish so many times that the ride operators made her a button that […]

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One House

April 4, 2014

Four years ago, we moved from Florida to Georgia. And today, we closed on our Florida house. So we only own one house now! Just one! I only have to make one mortgage payment every month! We don’t have to worry about something happening to our Florida house while we don’t live in it! (In […]

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Bath Time

April 3, 2014

Since I am tired, tonight I shall show you pictures of Ryan trying to take a bath while still fully clothed.

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