Friday Night Leftovers- First Week of School Edition 

•We are starting to refine the school routine. You know, figuring out when to leave and how long things take. We will have it down shortly. 

•Washing all your clothes in the sink makes the sink really clean and shiny all the time. 

•Washing all your clothes in the sink also makes your rings look really clean and shiny. 

•The baby is still working hard on getting bigger. She’s starting to get rubber band wrists. 

•She’s also starting to get eyelashes. She didn’t have any when she was born. 

•Ryan stayed in his pajamas all day yesterday and will probably do the same today. He needed some time off. 

•I saw Elizabeth’s school bus for the first time this morning. It was still a half an hour late but up until now, it has been so late that I have been long gone from the school and bus stop when it has arrived. So it is getting closer. 

•I think it may end up working well in the long run for Elizabeth to ride the bus home in the afternoon but be dropped off by us in the morning. The school is awfully close and the line moves smoothly in the morning so it only takes me a few minutes longer to take her to the school than to the bus stop. Plus, we can leave later for the school than the bus stop. If they ever get the bus running on time in the afternoon, it will be no contest though. The bus will definitely be a better choice. With it running an hour late at the moment, it’s still far better for me to pick her up in the car though. 

School Pick Up Line

We intended to have Elizabeth ride the bus to school this year. And we tried. On the first day, we waited at the bus stop for an hour and no bus ever came. So I drove her to school. (She was late. Sorry, school, but not our fault.) 

That afternoon, I went to the bus stop early, just in case. And I waited for two hours and no bus ever came. I couldn’t get through to the transportation department or the school. Matt finally took the other car and went to the school where he found the buses still in the parking lot. He brought Elizabeth home by car. (No, no one has any good explanation for why this is happening other than “it’s the first week of school, it will get better.”) 

So until the buses get it together, I am driving her. I am having to get to the school awfully early to not end up waiting in line for hours. I will also try coming late when the line is mostly gone, but for a while, early is working better for us due to time restraints on the other end. I end up being in the car for more than an hour and a good portion of that is parked, so today I brought a bunch of paperwork and a fancy soda with me. Both little ones are napping and it could be worse. 

Stone Age Laundry 

Our washing machine is broken. It kept not turning on and displaying an error code and I would keep trying anyway. And it would work for another week and then break for another day. Then it would work and then stop again. 

Well, last week it stopped magically healing itself and now it doesn’t work at all. I called Samsung and the error code it is displaying means the motor is broken. And since the motor is under warranty, ideally this will be fixed for me for very little money. 

In the meantime, I have resorted to doing laundry by hand in the sink and bathtub. (I am aware that laundromats exist but for now, this way is easier for me.) I’m not doing as much laundry as usual and it is starting to pile up, but the baby is still like the size of my forearm and she only has like four outfits that fit. (This is not actually true but it is true for her footie pajamas and she mostly wears those.) Plus, we cannot go weeks without laundry being done and who knows how long this will take, so I am trying to not let it get out of control.

Here are my hand washing laundry thoughts: 

  1. It’s actually kind of a satisfying job. 
  2. But not the wringing out. That is the worst. 
  3. The giant load of cloth diapers I washed by hand got just as clean as in the machine and actually had fewer stains. 
  4. Did I mention the wringing out? If I were doing this permanently, I would get one of those crank things that smooshes the water out of the clothes. 
  5. Thank goodness the dryer still works. I am bad at wringing out and it would take days to dry if I were line drying. 

Repairman is coming to diagnose the problem tomorrow. Everyone cross your fingers. 

Ahh Dister

Ryan calls Elizabeth “my whoa dister” and he calls Alexandra “my ahh dister.” Whoa means big and ahh means small, of course. (Ahh came from Matt trying to teach him to say “Al” and that’s as far as he got. But he assumed it meant small since she is small and now he uses ahh as a synonym for small. His speech therapist was trying to get him to say “puppy” the other day and Ryan was like “uh huh, ahh dog dog and where is my car?”) 

Anyway, today I had set Alex down on the floor and was doing things in the kitchen that required both my hands and my full attention for a few minutes. Alex started fussing so Ryan went over to her. She had been starting to get quite worked up so I didn’t think Ryan would do much. He kind of gave her a few little pats and murmurs. And she suddenly calmed down. It was amazing. 
And then he brought her a toothbrush and laid it down right next to her in case she needed something to play with. 

I asked him if he learned to be such a great big brother by watching his whoa dister and he smiled huge and said “aye!”