Midnight Wanderings

If Elizabeth had her way, she would never sleep alone. In fact, her preference would be to sleep with her head directly on top of my head, her skull pressing down into my skull. (I know this because she has actually tried to do this.) Most nights, she falls asleep in her own room and then wakes up some time in the wee hours and comes looking for someone to sleep with. Matt and I generally sleep in separate rooms because of wildly different sleeping hours and neither of us getting quite enough sleep. When we sleep separately, at least we aren’t waking each other up when we have to be up. (For example, it’s 11:24pm and I am still up. Matt’s been asleep for hours and he will get up at 4:00am, where I will sleep until 6:00am. There is no room in these hours for us to waste each other’s sleep. ANYWAY.) 

So I sleep in a twin size bed and Matt sleeps in a king. Every night when Elizabeth gets up, she knows that I will not let her sleep in the small bed with me, but Matt generally will let her sleep in the big bed with him. Fine. Great. No one is unhappy with this scenario. Except that she comes in to me and wakes me up and asks me to take her to Matt. Why must I be a part of this transaction? (Matt sleeps in the pitch black. When you open my door, a night light in the hall leaves enough light for her to see me.) We have tried everything to just have her go into Matt without waking me up. But nope, every night she wakes me up and has me take her. Last night I figured out how she keeps getting away with this. I can tell her all I want during the day that she should let me sleep and I am logical and make sense. At night when she wakes me up, she is significantly more awake than I am and thus she has the upper hand. I am always in a stumbling confused stupor and generally I agree to whatever this sensible awake person asks of me so that she will go away and leave me alone. 

Bedtime Hair Styling 

Elizabeth is getting really long hair and if I don’t do something with it before she goes to bed, it is nearly impossible to brush in the morning. When we used to put it in a bun on top of her head, that made her hair itch. When I braid it, she wakes up with wavy hair that looks messy. A ponytail isn’t enough restraint to keep the hair from getting tangled.

I’ve finally figured out the perfect thing to do for it. If I braid it extremely loosely, it doesn’t get the waves that make her hair look crimped (ha, remember that fad?) but it’s enough structure to keep her from waking all tangled. 

And then in the morning, I can brush through it really easily and she’s ready for the day. 

New Bowls

Trin dog is twelve years old and she has had the same food and water bowls for about the last eleven years. I finally bought her new ones a week or so ago. Dishwasher safe ones! Bowls that aren’t all faded and gross! BETTER bowls! 

Well, Trin dog does not deal well with change. Her food and water are upstairs in my closet (this became a thing years ago when Elizabeth learned to crawl- guess why?) and I feed her and change her water when I get dressed in the morning and night. So now while I am changing, she stares forlornly at me and then looks at her new bowls and then back at me and then back at her bowls. She’s so sad about them. I still have her old bowls so I am giving her half her food in each set, to try and ease her over a bit. She’s not pleased with me. The question is which one of us will break first. 

Morning, Fishies

When we go to speech therapy (which is now just feeding therapy), it’s in the local hospital building. We walk in through the lobby and there are two big fish tanks. We often stop and see the fish, usually on the way out. This morning, Ryan wanted to see the fish on the way in, so he walked over and said “HI FISHIES! IT’S ME, RYAN. I BACK.” Then he waited for a second, looked all disappointed, and said “they no hear me.” 

I explained that fish don’t actually talk, even when if they do hear small boys. Ryan thinks that is a shame.