Ryan’s Fourth Birthday 

Today’s Ryan’s fourth birthday. He spent the whole day saying “I in charge of my birthday” and I basically let him do whatever he wanted all day. He was a fan. 

He got his main present last night, a new scooter. He got on it and the first thing he said was “oh, I tan do it!” 

He started his birthday with doughnuts for breakfast. And two doughnuts when his mean mama normally only gives him one. He alternated bites. 

For lunch, he wanted to go to Red Robin but he didn’t want to order any food.  He just wanted a root beer float. (The theme of him being in charge of his birthday was mostly sugar, iPad time, and not having to pull up his own pants in the bathroom.) 

He wanted rainbow cake this year so he helped me make that this afternoon. 

He also helped with the frosting and kept saying “I am a big boy!” while he spread the frosting on. 

All my kids were born in daylight hours so we’ve always tried to take a moment of birth picture with them. (At least until Elizabeth ruined that by growing up and going to school- she was born at 11:35am.) Ryan was born at 6:00pm and fifteen seconds. The fifteen seconds isn’t taken into selfie account. 

He wanted no candles and no singing. He was very clear. I mimed the happy birthday song at him and he thought that was pretty funny.   

The rainbow cake was a hit. 

He took some of his new Legos to bed with him tonight. He was pretty happy. Definitely a successful Ryan birthday. 

Baby Proofing the Pantry Door

Our pantry has those accordion style doors that slide back and forth on tracks. (I know what they are called, but can I remember right now? No. I’m sure I’ll remember as soon as I hit publish.) I ordered the little things that slide over the top of the doors to keep them from opening to baby proof them but they did not fit on these doors. (It did fit perfectly on the linen closet that the baby was unpacking all over the floor every day so at least there is that.) So I had to come up with something on my own. 

The knobs on the doors are too far away for a strap between them to work well, so that was out. I considered just drilling into the doors and adding a little hook and eye patch but I didn’t really want to make permanent holes in the doors. It was also somewhat important to me that the older kids were able to open the pantry too because that would save me a lot of trips to the kitchen to open it for them. 

I finally came up with an easy solution. I put two Command hooks on the door, sideways and facing away from each other and hooked them with a rubber band. We’ve been using it for several weeks now and it works perfectly. 

See Them

Elizabeth carpools to school with the neighbor. (And it is so wonderful for me. They only have one kid and they were taking her anyway, so her mom offered to just let Elizabeth ride with them and now I don’t have to wake up Ryan and Alex every morning. I made them dinner last night as a thank you because seriously, this has improved my life significantly.) So every morning, she walks down to their house a few doors down from ours. This morning, Ryan was up before she left so he asked if he could walk with her and see Emma. I said he could just see her quickly and then he had to come right home because I didn’t want him getting in the way of them leaving for school. 

So he walks with Elizabeth up the street and then a few minutes later, he comes running back down the sidewalk in his little pajamas and bare feet. 

I asked him if he said good morning to Emma and her mom. He said “No. You say I see dem and den I come right home. So I saw dem and den I run right home.” 

‘Prise, Aww Dister!

Chalk this one up to something I am writing about because I want to remember it, but perhaps you will enjoy the story too. 

This afternoon, I was changing the baby when Ryan came into her room. He whispered that he was going to hide and he lay down on the floor and rolled underneath her crib. He was pretty much hidden under the crib skirt. The baby didn’t see him come in because she was busy death rolling and yelling that diaper changes are unfair and terrible.

As soon as I was done changing her, I set her down on the floor next to the crib and Ryan rolled out and yelled “‘Prise, Aww Dister!” 

She was astounded. How did that brother kid do something so amazing as to appear from nowhere? 

She dropped to her hands and knees and giggled and tried to crawl under with him to see how he did it. She laughed a giant belly laugh when he rolled out again. He was pleased with her reaction and she was delighted with his magic. 

It’s an illusion, Michael.