Babies All Over The Place

Okay, let me explain what happened. I made plans to go see Tara today and meet the new baby. Tara said that Brigid had school until one, so I thought okay, so we actually can go to the moms club pancake breakfast in the morning. Then we will come home and rest for a couple of hours, bake the bread I’m taking to Tara, and leave at 12:15 to be there on time.

Check my math with me. We will go to the moms club breakfast that starts at ten, stay there for two, two and a half hours, come home for an hour or so, bake bread, get ready to leave, and get in the car at about 12:15pm.


It all made so much sense to me. Until I was standing next to the table where I had just eaten pancakes, sausage, and quiche and it was 11:45am. And I suddenly realized we had to go home RIGHT NOW.

And then, as I was walking home (the moms club thing was at a friend’s house who lives right up the street from me), the moms club that I used to be in (long, LONG story) was leaving from an event at my across the street neighbor’s house. So I saw about six people that I am really good friends with and forced myself to just keep walking.

We got home and I was shouting at Elizabeth to KEEP YOUR SHOES ON and DON’T GET OUT ALL THE TOYS AND START PLAYING while I was frantically running around. And as we all know, frantically running around is much less efficient than just calmly getting ready to go.

And that is how I ended up driving down the highway at 70mph (which is the legal speed limit by the way, we weren’t THAT behind) with a tray of unbaked bread dough in my front seat.

And I forgot the pan of frozen mac and cheese I had intended to take and the goody bag I had for Brigid from Elizabeth’s birthday party.

But on the plus side, internet babies are cute. Especially together.


And Ryan and Caitlin are officially engaged.


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