Babies in Dresser Drawers

by HereWeGoAJen on April 10, 2014

I am an improviser. Elizabeth started out sleeping in our room because we didn’t want to lose our guest room and we thought we were moving soon anyway. Then we didn’t move and it became clear that her sleep and ours was being ruined by the room sharing. So she slept in our walk-in closet for more than six months. I shoved all the clothes to the side and set up a pack and play in there. I put her fan and her baby monitor in there and it was basically a nursery. (Albeit one decorated with our entire wardrobes.) It was a big closet too, I also had the dog’s crate in there.

We eventually did dismantle the guest room and give her a room of her own when she was about a year old. Then we moved when she was seventeen months old (nothing makes us move faster than painting and redecorating) and had more bedrooms. So Ryan always had his own bedroom. I’ve put him some weird places when we travel though. In hotels, we usually stick his pack and play in the bathroom for the night. On this vacation, he’s not only staying in a bathroom, but the pack and play is set up in the actual shower stall. (It’s a shame too, it’s the nicest shower in the house and I miss being able to use it.)

So, where have you stuck babies or children when the situation warrants it? Can anyone beat below a shower nozzle, waiting for a baby to figure out how to turn it on?

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