Christmas Lights

by HereWeGoAJen on December 12, 2012

Elizabeth is nearly healed today, thank you, and had been very firm in her opinion that she does not require any more medicine, thank you very much.

Here’s what I want to know today: do you put up Christmas lights on your house? Why or why not? And when you were growing up, were there lights on your house?

When I was growing up, we always had lights. We first had those big colored bulbs (which, if I recall correctly) were stolen off our house one year. Then we switched to white lights of the icicle persuasion.

Now, we always have lights on our house. I think we skipped a year or two at the beginning there, when we lived in apartments and didn’t really have an outside. But now Matt and his little brother (who always comes to visit for Thanksgiving) put them up for me. Our first set went bad this year and I had to buy new ones. We’ve always had the little lights that are colored, but only the red, green, and white bulbs. Those are actually pretty hard to find. But I feel that those are the only colors that go with Christmas.

In our neighborhood, not many people put lights up- maybe only one house out of five. (Which is about the same percentage that participates in Halloween.) I’m wondering if that is the same in your area. I remember a lot more lights from my childhood, particularly in our one town, where every single house would have them and some neighborhoods had these intricate theme decorations.

Here is our house. (And it actually looks a bit better in person.)


Okay, lots better in person.

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