Cute Baby Saturday- Merida Edition

We took Elizabeth to the first showing of Brave today. She was really excited. We found a Brave book at the store that we took to Mexico with us, so we already knew the plot. Since we knew (tiny spoiler alert) that there were going to be scary bears, we talked to Elizabeth ahead of time about what we could do to not be scared.

All on her own, she declared that we could shoot arrows at the bears and that would scare them away. (She has been studying previews and all available Merida information like she expects it to be on the SATs, so she knew all about Merida shooting arrows.) She asked us several times to get her the pink arrow from the store. Eventually Matt figured out that she meant the bow and arrow set that they had seen at Toys R Us a few weeks ago and this morning, he took her to Target (sold out at TRU) and found it there on sale.


Obviously, she had to take it into the movies with her.


She also had her Merida doll. She did find the scary bears to be scary, but she just climbed up on my lap and we shot pretend arrows at them with her real bow until they went away. She declared that the movie was “GREAT” after it was over, but has also mentioned that Merida was scared of the bears.

(If you have a particularly sensitive kid, I would skip this one in the theaters. The scary parts weren’t particularly long, but they were way up there on the scary level. Elizabeth has always been very tough/ignorant of scary parts in movies so I thought she’d be able to handle it. The only part of a movie we’ve had to consistently fast forward because she was scared of it was the scene in Toy Story 2 when Woody is cleaned by the toy repairman. And I think you will all agree with me in saying “what???!? THAT scares you when you are fine with monsters and wolves and such in other movies?”)

After the movie, she “hid” in the “woods” so she could look for bears like Merida.



And then we ran errands, protected by Merida and her bow.


SAMs Club need not fear bulk soda purchases when Princess Merida is around!


  1. says

    I promised Sabrina she could see Brave, but I was starting to get concerned when I heard reports of Scary. But I think I’m going to take your approach and explain the scary bears so she knows what’s going to happen. That’s a great idea. Also, I’m pretty sure if I renege, it will be even scarier than the movie.

  2. Karen says

    One of my kids was afraid of the toy cleaning man. I think it was the part where the q tip is descending on Woody’s eyeball. Kind of like the eyeball scene in Star Trek: First Contact. He’d freak when he saw that scene in Toy Story.

    • HereWeGoAJen says

      That is a NOOOOOO for E. Not until he is at least 12. But the scary parts are short. You can get it on DVD and skip.

  3. says

    So…yeah. Brigid laughed at the bears fighting. I…don’t know what this means. I’m going to focus on the fact that she told me she thought it was funny because the panda bears at the zoo were ‘playing’ just like that when she went the day before we saw the movie, and ignore the fact that I might see her kicking puppies at some point down the road.

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