Cute Baby Sunday

We took Elizabeth to Chuck E. Cheese this morning. (Hint: go right after they open, otherwise Chuck E. Cheese is a level of hell.) She had a really good time. And won a rainbow slinky on the way out.





When she was loading all the tickets into the ticket counting machine, she would only put them in purple side up because she likes purple better than green.


And now she’s taking a little rest.


  1. Nicole says

    Don’t tell people my secret about chuck e cheese. That is the ONLY time we are allowed to go. But isn’t it great?

  2. says

    Where is the baby? I do not see a baby – just a FULL GROWN child who looks to be going on 17 or so!

    Okay, okay. If I look past the long lovely hair and the long legs, I can still see leftover baby cheekies. But it is NOT EASY.

    Stop growing up, child!

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