Freezer Decision

Since I know that everyone desperately wanted to know (actually, a few people did tell me that they did want to know what I decided), this is the freezer I got.


I read all your comments and opinions and decided to go with the upright.  Then I went back to the store and discovered that oops, the upright wasn’t $349 like I remembered.  It was $499 instead.  So I decided that was more of an investment than I wanted to make right now.  So I got the $178 chest freezer and spent all morning cleaning out the garage to make room for it.  (Actually, I spent about twenty minutes cleaning the garage to make room for it.  I spent the rest of the morning just cleaning the garage.  It looks fantastic now and I have removed Clean the Garage from my to do list.)

Tomorrow, I begin to FILL the freezer.  I am thinking primarily fresh fruit (frozen for smoothies, I love Matt for getting me a super awesome blender that actually WORKS for my birthday) and casseroles.  I also have plans on another batch of breakfast burritos, a bigger one, because we finished that last batch a week or so ago.  Now tell me, does anyone have any ideas on how to make scrambled eggs in bulk?


  1. JS says

    You can make eggs (w/bacon, peppers, mushrooms, cheese) in muffin tins and freeze them. I know I have a recipe somewhere. You can make them in bulk and then zap them for a short amount of time and eat!

  2. Holly says

    Googled this for you:
    1) crack and whip your eggs ahead of time…. pour into hotel pans cover and bake… but not fully… pull them while still a little loose.. fluff or mix so they look like you want

    2) Bake them. Put them into 9 x 12 pans and bake at 350 degrees and about every 20 minutes give them a stir with a pancake turner. Be sure to PAM spray the pan first. You can also liven them up by crumbling bacon pieces into them or even other salad veggies like onions, green peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. Cut those into chopped pieces too. Do a plain pan of salt and peppered eggs and then a pan of another idea until you fill all the pans you need to use. Then they have a variety. Depending on how thick in depth the eggs are in each pan, it can take approximately an hour give or take some minutes. You can hype up the oven temp too to 400 degrees but then you will need to keep an eye on them to stir them more frequently and be sure to pull them out before they start to dry out. My mom had 13 kids. That is the way we always made scrambled eggs. I can’t tell you how many pans it will take but you can put them on both shelves of the oven and just rotate the top shelf ones to the bottom and visa versa half way through if needed to keep their cooking even.

  3. leanne says

    Yes, I want to know what blender Matt bought as well! I want and need one that WORKS.

    And yay for a new freezer! Have fun filling it up!

  4. says

    We have the same freezer, and are perfectly happy with it. We’ve filled the bottom of ours with water, in 3 milk jugs for three reasons: 1) if you lose power, it buys you extra time and you don’t lose everything you’ve spent money and time on, 2) I read somewhere that this helps it run more efficiently. I don’t know if that’s true, but so far it’s worked for us! and 3) I don’t have to worry about things getting ‘lost’ at the bottom (never had this problem, there isn’t a ton of room) because the jugs take up that space. Happy filling!

    I am assuming you know about she has excellent recipes for freezer batch cooking, and I believe there are some egg recipes in it too.

    I want to know about the blender too – I’m in the market for one :) “Super and awesome” are exactly what I’m looking for!

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