Friday Night Leftovers

  • This week has been very busy.  My mom has been here visiting.
  • We made Elizabeth a Tinkerbell dress and recovered the dining room chairs and we are about to do a keratin treatment on my hair.
  • But can you people see any of these things?  NO.  Because my camera is still in the shop.  It’s supposed to be done soon though.  (IT BETTER BE.)
  • We had playgroup at my house today.  It was really handy to have my mom here because she made lunch for everyone while I talked.  (I did make the barbequed beef in the crockpot ahead of time, but my mom sliced all the rolls, made the salad, and put everything out.)
  • Elizabeth hasn’t been sleeping that well for the last couple of weeks.  I am really hoping that she starts sleeping a little better before we go on vacation.
  • Who am I kidding?  She always sleeps horribly when we are on vacation.  It’s awful.
  • Still, I am looking forward to vacation a LOT.

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  1. leanne says

    I feel you on the sleep issues. My daughter has been waking up just about nightly the last week — occasionally twice a night — and then sometimes waking up way too early (any time before 6am in my mind). It’s making me sleep-deprived and occasionally cranky. Can I call this a sleep regression? Though I’m not sure giving it a name will make me feel any better. Maybe some chocolate would. MMmmmm… chocolate.

    Also, hooray for a mom visit!

  2. courtney says

    how would you like to take me and a couple of extra toddlers on vacation??:) Hate that I missed getting to meet your mom

  3. says

    Yay for having your mom there! I see my mom every day, and can’t imagine being away from her. Of course, like you, I love my husband and would move if we had to.

    I hope your camera is fixed soon. I am way overdue for some Dibits cuteness.

  4. Natalie says

    My daughter seems to go through sleep phases. For months she will be an amazing sleeper and then for weeks she’ll be up every few hours. She is 4.5 now and it hasn’t changed much since she was little. I’ve tried so many “methods” but the cycles seem to come and go. This summer was exhausting with her up over and over each night, but now she is back to sleeping 11 hours straight again. I’ll never understand her sleep schedule! Good luck with Elizabeth.

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