Friday Night Leftovers

  • Look who we found hanging off our bird feeder yesterday:

  • We saw the same (well, I’m assuming here, but most chipmunks look alike) chipmunk this morning and Elizabeth got to watch him for quite a while.  I asked her what his name was and she said “booberries”.  So meet our new chipmunk, Booberries.
  • We threw Elizabeth’s leftover breakfast (cereal, blueberries, and strawberries) out the front door at the bird feeder, thinking that Booberries might enjoy some actual blueberries.  As far as I can tell, having fruit hurled in his direction made him a bit shy and he hasn’t come out again since.
  • At least not that we’ve seen.
  • Elizabeth is so proud of her new “puur-pul diapee!” that she almost didn’t let me put pants on her this morning.

  • We went to story time at the library (wearing pants) again this week.  Each time we’ve gone before (four times, I think, it’s once a week), there have been four kids and that included us.  Today there were fifteen.  I don’t know what is up with that.
  • It was bubble day at story time.  Elizabeth had a very good time.  And her friend “Harm-min-knee” came and she’s made friends with “Steee-vin!”
  • The library calls this program story time.  It’s an hour long.  They read one story.  I’m not complaining at all, Elizabeth loves it, socializing is good and all.  But it should really be titled play group or even circle time at the library.  I just don’t like things to be misclassified.


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    Too funny about the chipmunk on the feeder. Funny you posted about this because I was just going to post a chipmunk entry as well! Jason has been setting traps for chipmunks at our new house because there are a ton of them and they have been digging under our new front and back porch. He was so proud when he caught 2 the first day he put them out. I said “great where are you going to take them and let them out?” He was like what do you mean, I want to get rid of them, not play with them. I was furious and said there was no way he was going to kill those little buggers so I made him drive 2 miles to the park across the major road near us and let them out. He keeps catching them and I keep making him drive to let them out somewhere else. Husbands…silly husbands…as if I would let him kill Chip or Dale!

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    Your chipmunk is super cute! I’m sure he will provide much entertainment in the future. And if you keep throwing scraps of food to him, he will get used to that as well.

    I also LOVE the purur-pul diapee! I wouldn’t want to cover it up either :)

    I tried to order the “Big Sister” shirt from your shop, but I can’t find a listing for it. I don’t need it until the second weekend in September (well a few days before that), but I thought I’d let you know. I’ll also send you an email, and see if I can’t find a order for that.

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    I love your new pet Booberries! Last night I brought a frog into our beach house so that all the kids could watch and squeal as it hippity hopped all around the house.

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    We have bunnies living outside one of the windows. The kids all come running and crowd around to see the bunnies eating.

    I finally worked up the courage to take the kids to story hour this week at our library, but when I checked to verify the time, I found that they stopped it last week. But, I also wondered how they could read to little ones for an hour. Good to know.

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    I love the nudist baby that’s coming out in her!

    That is looooooong for a storytime! Ours is just about 40 minutes and there are 4 stories, some manipulatives, and then free play at the end (or a craft). My kids would go crazy for an hour!!!

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    Our “story time” only lasts for 20 minutes, and it’s mostly singing songs. It’s fairly obvious that they sing a bunch of songs, then they rush through a picture book as fast as they possibly can before returning to more songs. Last time we were there, the librarian even sighed at one point and said, “I might be pushing it, but let’s try for ONE more quick book.” It’s funny to me, because LL was restless during the songs, but completely attentive during the books, while everyone else was the opposite. Also, there are usually 40-50 kids, which is very overwhelming. If there were only 4-5 kids, I’d probably ask the librarian if she could read more books.

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    I was planning to type a long, thoughtful reply and then I realised that Saag is naked, again.

    It’s winter here. DO you think she’d lose digits or learn about clothes first?

    You are lucky for your warm weather!


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