We went on one of our summer outings today. There is a campground nearby (well, half an hour away) that has a really nice pool (two actually) and lots of playgrounds. There are also lots of animals, like giant tortoises, iguanas, rabbits, parrots, and even a pig. They also have a train but it is usually only running on the weekends and we go during the not crowded week.

It costs $5.95 per person for a day pass and we usually stay for a really good chunk of the day and pack a lunch, so it’s totally worth it. Elizabeth has a fabulous time today. Plus, she went to sleep instantly last night when promised she could go if she went right to sleep and she’s exhausted today, so she’ll probably go right to sleep tonight.

I’m just saying that you might want to look into local campgrounds in your area.



    • HereWeGoAJen says

      Last year, sometimes it meant empty. Today, it just meant not crowded. We had half the pool(s) to ourselves for the whole day and had our pick of shaded picnic tables (of which we took three, oops).

  1. says

    Wow. That place looks/sounds awesome! All our local splash parks are at least $20 per per to get in. So not worth it.

    I don’t think our kids are old enough yet for this, but one of my Facebook friends was having issues with kids who, the day after school was over, being upset that they couldn’t do EVERYTHING (beach, splash park, raspberry picking) all that first week of the summer. So the mom had them make a list of everything they wanted to do and then the looked at it together and made a family list. The list went on the frig, and when they did something, they crossed it off. If they were upset because something didn’t get done, they had a visual that it would get done later on in the summer.

    Wow. That had nothing to do with your post, but I guess I felt you needed to know it. You know. For our intellectually advanced kids who can handle reading and delayed gratification at the age of 3.

  2. says

    Nice! In Colorado calling something a “campground” means there are actual campsites with fire pits. And maybe outhouses. People are serious about camping around here.

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