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    That’s great and I don’t think you’re crazy! If I know what I’m going to get someone I will buy it as soon as I can. It makes the holidays that much less stressful; way to go!

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    I am insanely jealous! Last year I was pretty much done by thanksgiving, which was a record for me! You’ll be pretty busy around the holidays do it makes sense to start early. The year Amelia was born (she’s a November baby) everyone just got gift cards!

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    Awesome! I have been trying to do the same thing lately. I went ahead and ordered all the books I wanted my boys to get for Christmas online a couple of weeks ago and just ordered my nieces gifts yesterday! We just have too many people in our family and not enough time/money so I find it best to shop year-round. It’s soo much easier and less stressful! You should do a post again on the gifts that you made for family and friends in the past years!


  4. Meredith says

    So awesome! I loved your list of Christmas activities last December. We just moved and I haven’t made friends yet in our new city, but next year I want to throw a small Christmas in July party.

    • HereWeGoAJen says

      I am working on a giant list of more Christmas activities for this year. Stay tuned. (And by stay tuned, I mean look out for it in November or something. By “working on”, I mean started once and haven’t been back.)

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    That is damn impressive. The earliest I’ve started shopping was October and I was looking around for a medal I was so impressed with myself.

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    Taking a picture and posting it on your blog is what seems genius to me. I’ve tried to wrap presents in advance before and I almost always forget either (1) that I did it at all or (2) where I put it.

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    You’re a rock star. I can’t do it that way. I refuse to get out any wrapping supplies until all the gifts are purchased so I only have to get it out and put it away once (I am so bad at putting things away!). I’m usually done shopping early enough that it doesn’t create more stress. Usually.

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    You are such a rockstar. Ever consider hiring out your talents to those of us who never manage to shop until December 20? It’s as though I don’t KNOW, all year long, year after year, that I will need gifts in December. Argh.

  9. seussgirl says

    I started Christmas shopping this week (thank you Target for your summer toy clearance aisle!)! I also don’t wrap until I have the majority of gifts bought, or I forget what I have and end up buying too many presents for someone and not enough for somebody else. I miss my gift closet from the old house. :(

  10. leanne says

    Like JP, I’ve gotten a head start on the thinking part. Now I just need to do the shopping part :) I get fooled into thinking I still have SO MUCH TIME left to shop.

  11. says

    I don’t think you’re crazy at all, even though I haven’t quite made it that far, yet. My gift drawers, however, are filling up nicely, so I’m probably not that far removed from doing some of the wrapping, while I’m at it. Having fourth quarter babies means you have to think about these things ahead of time :)

    • HereWeGoAJen says

      Ha! You are the one, may I remind you, that has already sent Elizabeth’s birthday present. And I have not sent birthday presents for your two, who have ALREADY had their birthdays! So I am way behind there.

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