Nursing Home Visit

Today, my moms club went to the local nursing home to do a Christmas event. I was in charge, so I planned a Christmas story time. (Story time idea suggested by Dresden, who knows these things.)

We started by singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (I suck at singing, but I felt we needed a loud start to get everyone’s attention). Then we handed out little bags of popcorn (except it was really puffcorn because of the toddlers) and I read If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. I told the kids to listen to the story very carefully to see if Mouse got any popcorn just like they were eating right now. So every time I mentioned popcorn in the story, Elizabeth (who had previously been acting very shy and hiding behind me) shouted out POPCORN. That was entertaining.

Then I switched out the Santa hat I was wearing for a Grinch hat and read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Then all the kids walked around the room and handed out Christmas cards to the residents. We intended to have a parade through the halls to hand out the cards to the residents who didn’t come to the story time, but the activities director told me she thought it would be better if we didn’t because so many of their residents were sick at the moment and she didn’t want any of the kids to catch anything. So we had far too many cards for just the people in the room with us. But the kids took care of that and gave four or five cards to each person. (I believe the activities director collected the extras after we left and redistributed them.) As we were leaving, they gave all the kids a wrapped present which turned out to be candy. Elizabeth cheerfully ate a bunch of candy in the back of the car while we drove to lunch.

Elizabeth at the nursing home, in front of the tree. (Photo by my friend Sueann. Thank you for uploading this to Facebook, Sueann.)



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    That sounds like a really wonderful day! I’m sure the residents really enjoyed all the energy and adorable kids!

    Love that photo of Elizabeth!

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