Coin Flip

My kids really enjoy throwing coins into fountains but I rarely have coins. So sometimes I hand them an invisible coin and they throw that in. (Yeah, I’m shocked that it works too.) 

Today we were at Epcot and Elizabeth and Ryan were arguing over who got the next turn to ride in the stroller. In my opinion, it was Elizabeth’s turn for a little while because she hadn’t ridden at all that day. (Elizabeth, being seven, is almost too big to ride at all now but she still fits fine in the BOB stroller and we walk a lot at Disney. So I let her ride for a little bit sometimes.) So I told the kids I would flip one of the invisible coins. And shockingly they both agreed. Elizabeth chose heads and Ryan chose tails and I flipped the coin, caught it, and checked. It was heads so Elizabeth rode for the next ten minutes and then we swapped again. (Elizabeth obviously saw through this whole thing but since she won, she was fine with it. Ryan thought it was a fair way to decide.) I will be really sad when I can no longer solve parenting problems with invisible coins. 

My Head All Wet

We all know that Ryan has a gorgeous head of hair, yes? He apparently thinks so too. Whenever I wash his hair, he gets DEEPLY insulted. Deeply. And it’s hair, so it’s not like this is a yearly thing. It happens fairly often. You would think he would be used to it by now. But no, whenever I wash his hair, he lets out a yell of insult like I kicked his puppy and then sobs for a bit. Then when I get him out of the tub, he spends the next hour telling me that “my head all wet.” Just to make sure that I don’t forget the awful insult I have done to him. 


Elizabeth, working on her homework: “Mom. I don’t know what Liz means here.” 

Me: “It’s a nickname. Do you know what it is short for?” 

Elizabeth, without hesitation: “Lizard.” 

House Tour- Kitchen 

Moving on! Through the dining room and hallway is the kitchen.  

This view is from the hallway to the garage. 


Stove and cabinets. Elizabeth drew that picture for Matt. It is her and him and a giant Yoda.  



This is the view from the archway from the dining room. 

My desk. 

We had to start storing the doughnuts on the top of the fridge when Ryan kept stealing them off the counter. 


Kitchen table and high chair. The pantry is behind those two folding doors. 

The laundry room is behind the wall with all the pictures. And the garage is down that hallway. The cupboard under the stairs is down there too and it has been turned over to Elizabeth for her hideout. I installed these red pendant lights myself and I really like them.