House Tour- Living Room

I wrote this post right before my blog crashed and it went somewhere else and I was never able to get it back. And since then, I redecorated anyway, so I’m just writing it again. 

So the living room connects right off the kitchen. Here’s a panoramic of the whole room. 

The furniture is leather and it has held up pretty well, even though I don’t love the style. (I did not choose it myself.) 

This is the love seat section. I adore the little matching kids leather chair. We got it when Elizabeth was tiny and it’s all messed up and cracked now and I should get rid of it but I refuse. When I find a new one or tiny people get too large to sit adorably in a leather chair, then I will consider it. 

This is where Matt and I sit. His chair is on the left and mine is on the right with the flamingo pillow. I love the flamingo pillow. 

Some day I ought to put curtains on these windows. I also want to get a little corner something there, like a cabinet that fits into the corner. I probably won’t do these things for a long time, especially the corner cabinet. 

The black thing that in the corner of the picture below is the printer. I don’t like how it looks but this is where it lives for now because there is nowhere better. But a wireless printer is amazing- get one. 

The television is mounted on the wall for both safety and aesthetics. Also, having it back like that keeps children from touching the screen and banging on the screen, both of which they used to do a lot. Why, children? 

Stay tuned for the next room of the house, either tomorrow or after another several month wait. Who can tell for sure? 

Swimming Confession 

I despise taking the children swimming. The actual swimming part of it is okay, except for the keeping everyone from drowning work. But it’s the hour it takes before to get everyone dressed and pack up everything and find everything and remember everything. And then sunscreen and water shoes and puddle jumpers. And then when it’s time to leave, packing everything up again and listening to the whining that inevitably comes with exhausted children. Carrying all that stuff from the pool to the car. Then at home, dealing with wet bathing suits and children that need showered and changed and fed and are exhausted. A full load of laundry between all the suits and towels. Putting everything back away. Wet car seats. One water shoe in the car and one on the laundry room floor. Tangled hair and a favorite broken swim mask. Finding three more pieces of swimsuits in random rooms around the house after you’ve washed everything else. Sorting all the swimsuits out of the laundry before putting it into the dryer and hanging them to dry instead. 

Seriously, it is one of the most labor intensive activities we do. 


We went to Elizabeth’s school a little bit ago and had lunch with her. As her class was lining up to leave, Ryan got in line with her and held her hand. Elizabeth’s teacher looked down and said “Class! This is Ryan! You know, the one Elizabeth is always writing about in morning writing exercises on the board!”

Can you guess whether or not she was happy to see us?

Knock Knock

Ryan and Elizabeth like to tell jokes. They are not very good at it yet. Which in of itself is often delightful. 


Ryan: “Mama! Knock knock! Who dere?” 

Jen: “Who’s there?” 

Ryan: “It Wyan!” 

Jen: “Ryan who?” 

Ryan: “Uh. Still Wyan.” 

I wish I had this on video.