Making a Mental Note

Yesterday, Elizabeth jumped on the stack of boxes I had stacked in the hall saved for recycling. Because of course she did. (They were large furniture boxes and I wanted to save them for a week or two before I got rid of them in case we had any trouble with any of the furniture. So they were stacked in the upstairs hallway.) Since there were four boxes on top of each other, they slipped and so did she. She ended up with a bloody lip and gum and you know how much mouth wounds bleed, even when they aren’t that bad. (She’s fine. But mouth wounds are the worst.) 

I took her to the bathroom to clean her off and when she got a look at herself in the mirror, she screamed. So I am making a mental note for myself and sharing it here for the rest of you- next time, at the very least WARN her that she is all bloody before she sees herself in the mirror. And ideally, wipe off most of the blood before she gets a look at it. She was definitely more emotionally damaged than physically hurt and I think a big part of it was seeing herself with a bunch of blood seeping from her mouth. 

Diaper Insert Absorbency Test

I’m sure this will only be interesting to a handful of you, but it’s interesting to me and this is my blog, so. 

I tested the absorbency of the different kind of diaper inserts I have. I used my digital scale with a pan on it and I zeroed it out before adding water. So each time, all that I am weighing is the additional water. I soaked each insert, waited for it to stop dripping, and then weighed it. 

First up, flour sack towels. An online cloth diapering group I am in is crazy for these as diaper inserts. 

Fully saturated, they will hold 9.3 ounces of water. Also, for the record, these took ages longer to stop dripping compared to everything else, so they don’t seem to be as “grabby” with the liquid. 

Next, I tried a flat. It’s a GreenMountain diaper flat. 

Fully saturated, it holds 12.2 ounces of water.  

Next up, a Green Mountain Diapers brand newborn insert. (Old style blue edge.) 

Fully saturated, it holds 9.4 ounces of water. 

Next, I did a Green Mountain Diapers brand “wide baby” size prefold. It’s the size I’ve used on Ryan since he outgrew his newborn size ones. It’s fairly similar in size to their medium, just kind of proportioned differently. 

Fully saturated, it holds a little more than one pound of water. That’s 16.1 ounces to keep it standard to the other measurements. 

Next up, a Kawaii one size microfiber insert. 

Fully saturated, it holds 10.4 ounces of water. 

And last, a fitted. I think it is a kissaluv brand. 

Fully saturated, it holds one pound, one ounce of water. That’s 17 ounces to keep it standard to the other measurements. 

So in order of absorbency:

FST: 9.3 ounces

Newborn prefold: 9.4 ounces

Microfiber: 10.4 ounces

Flat: 12.2 ounces

Wide baby prefold: 16.1 ounces

Fitted: 17 ounces 

My go-to diaper is my prefolds and this definitely confirmed why I like them. 

Popsicle Hack

Ryan believes strongly that he is just as big as his big sister is, but he has trouble with things that come in tubes, like yogurt and popsicles. He does fine on the first third to half and then he can’t get the stuff at the bottom to stay near the top so he can get it into his mouth. 

With yogurt, I just sit near him with scissors and snip off the empty parts. This way his tube keeps getting shorter and he can always reach the yogurt. 

With the tube popsicles, I just discovered that I can cut them in half. I used a serrated bread knife and it went right in half easily. This gives him two smaller easily manageable popsicles. 

It worked very well and he says they are delicious. 

I shall try the same thing with yogurt and report back.