House Tour- Ryan’s Bedroom 

We finally start up some house tour again. Next door to Alex’s nursery is Ryan’s bedroom. He has the smallest room in the house, mostly because when we moved in, no one lived in it. 

Here’s his room from the door. Alex is modeling the crib for him. Ryan’s crib is mostly where I stash Alex when we are upstairs and I need to do something. (Our upstairs is not babyproofed. You are not allowed upstairs alone until you are slightly more reasonable.) 

Here’s his rocking chair (when he’s sad in the middle of the night for some reason, he says “I need sit in chair wif you.”) and bookshelf and dresser. 

Here’s the mural over his crib. The crib was never intended to be permanent in the room, so it’s kind of stuck in the middle of everything. I had to pull it pretty far away from the window to make sure he couldn’t reach the blinds or the curtains so he can reach the door if it isn’t completely shut. 

Ryan has named all the airplanes and helicopters after members of his family. I forget which one is me. 

Ryan’s room has bunk beds. The ladder has been removed until my children are less impulsive. Sometimes as a super special treat, Elizabeth and Ryan get to sit on the top bunk for story time. 

Here’s a detail of one of my favorite parts of the room. I put a road around the outside of his closet door. It’s play tape (it’s literally called play tape if you want to buy some, that’s what you should search on Amazon, etc.) and it’s basically masking tape printed with a road. I love it. 

Ryan may have the smallest room but he has the largest closet. There’s enough room for his clothes and also all the other size clothes for all three kids. Before it was Ryan’s room, I put a pack and play in there for my niece to sleep there with room to spare. Best closet. 

Now, part of the reason I took these pictures today was because Ryan decided today was the day he was finally going to sleep in his bed instead of his crib. But he wanted the beds un-bunked first. So now his room looks completely different. So I will do another tour of Ryan’s room eventually with his big kid set up. 


It took all day but they fixed it and my house is cool again. I just looked at the temperatures in my house control app thing just to see them below 80. Because it hasn’t been below 80 in here for three weeks. 

They aren’t quite finished yet. To fix the coil in the upstairs air conditioner, they had to remove part of the cabinet it is in so a carpenter has to come back to fix that. And they are coming back in 48 hours to calibrate it or something like that. But cool air! We have cool air! 

At one point, one guy was welding in my upstairs hallway and another was fanning the welding to stop the smoke detectors all from going off at once. It was quite a thing. Ryan went upstairs during this part and his whole response was “uh, mom?” I asked him if he wanted to go closer to look and he said “no I do NOT.” 

Still Hot

The parts for the air conditioning took so much longer than they said and it still isn’t fixed. It’s not a lot hotter than it was when it first broke (we average about 83) but I am Over It. I’m so cranky about it and I am getting the bare minimum of work done in the house. We went to Target today just to get out of the house. I called and apparently our parts are finally ready and we are scheduled to have the repairs done on Monday. The woman on the phone offered me “or Tuesday. Or even Wednesday!” NO THANK YOU THE FIRST AVAILABLE DAY WILL BE FINE. 

By the time it gets repaired, we will have been without a properly working air conditioner for three weeks, during the hottest part of the year. 


The baby is starting to say words fairly often now. She has a little stuffed dog that she likes to carry around and as we are super creative namers around here, we all call it Puppy. Earlier this week, the baby handed it to me with a very clear “puppa!” So now the stuffed dog has been renamed Puppa. 

Ryan spent about a day with his brow furrowed whenever anyone said Puppa. Then he came to me all concerned and told me that Aww Dister is wrong, it’s a puppY not a puppA.  (Thanks for the criticism, Mr. Speech Therapy.) I suggested that perhaps the baby knows it is a puppy but she wants to name it Puppa. Ryan was immediately relieved and has agreed that this is acceptable and the puppy can be referred to as Puppa.