Baby Selfies

So what shall we call the baby selfie? Clearly she’s not actually taking the picture of herself but she LOVES to see that other baby in the phone.    

What to Expect at the Four Month Well Visit 

Alexandra had her four month well visit today at the pediatrician. Here’s a rundown of what happened at our pediatrician. It starts with the usual vitals. They checked her head size, length, and temperature. Then we took her out into the hallway and put her on the scale. (Fourteen pounds, twelve ounces. Not bad for a former wee baby.) Then the nurse asked me a lot of questions. Here are the ones I can remember: 

•Breast or bottle?

•How long does she eat? How often? 

•How long does she sleep at night? 

•Is she rear facing in the car?

•Does anyone in the home smoke? 

•Any pets? 

•Does she have adequate wet and dirty diapers? 

•Do you have any questions? 

Then we waited for the doctor. The doctor did all the usual checking in the ears and the eyes and listening to her heart. She went over the milestones Alex should have reached by now. The ones I can remember: 

•Does she turn her head to voices? (Alex turned and looked at her when she asked this. I like a baby with timing.) 

•Does she smile? 

•Does she sleep? 

Then she told me that by six months, they like to see them starting to babble (Alexandra is doing some warm up babbling already, to tell us her important news) and starting to sit up well while holding their heads up. 

Then we discussed my specific questions (getting a prescription for eczema, just like the older two, and the baby’s ongoing stuffy nose. Alex was diagnosed with seasonal allergies and I am told it is a terrible year for ragweed.) 

Then it was time for vaccines! At the four month visit, the CDC schedule calls for DTaP (2 of 5), Hib (2 of 4), Polio (2 of 4), PCV (2 of 4), and Rotavirus (2 of 3). Alex got three shots and one oral vaccine. (My pediatrician was out of PCV so we are going back for that next week. Also, the vaccines they told me they were giving and the ones they wrote down do not match up so I will also be discussing THAT next week. The ones I wrote out up there are the ones that are supposed to happen. On the sheet they gave me, it says she got a HepB vaccine and no rotavirus. So we will figure that out next week. I suspect they gave the correct ones and wrote down the wrong ones since they rushed and gave me a handwritten vaccine certificate instead of the normal typed up one I get after they enter all the serial numbers and all that.) Alex cried for about ten seconds after her shots and then allowed me to take her picture. Ryan brought her his train to make her feel better. 

My favorite part of the appointment was when the nurse came in with the tray of vaccines and Ryan looked at it and then said “I go hide.” I reassured him that it was not his appointment and he calmly said “me hide. Me hide dere.” And he pointed at a chair, where he hid while Alex had her shots. 

Picture Wednesday- Rear Facing Camera Edition

The most exciting photography breakthrough of the week was the baby discovering the baby that lives inside the rear facing camera in my phone. She was astounded and continues to be so. It’s just as amazing as that second Mama in the bathroom mirror. 


How to do the Disney Princess Hairstyle 

I have been promising a Bippity Boppity Boutique hairstyle tutorial for a while and I finally remembered to take pictures of it. 

First, brush out the hair and add a lot of hair gel. 

Start with a ponytail on the very top of the head. Very top. I always start farther back than I mean to. Even a little farther forward than I did this time would be good. This is also the stage where you should wrap some hair around the rubber band if you want to hide the rubber band. I never bother with that. 

Add more hair gel. The secret to this hairstyle is to use a lot of gel. A lot. 


Now you are going to wrap tiny rubber bands around the ponytail like so.   
Add more gel. You want the ponytail to almost be able to stand up on its own. 

This is the part that makes this hairstyle different from a regular bun. Instead of twisting around, you are going to roll the hair straight down like you are wrapping it around a spool of thread. 


Tuck all of the hair under. 

Use a lot of bobby pins to secure the hair. 

It will look like this from the front. Or hopefully better, if your model isn’t cranky and wiggly. I would have rolled it again because it isn’t as smooth as I like but, well, you’ll see. 

Add a tiara. 

See why I couldn’t get it quite as smooth as usual? 

Here’s a picture of one I did another time when she wasn’t as cranky.  You can see why you might want to wrap hair around the rubber band. But also that it looks better if your model holds still.