Cupcake/Muffin Hint

If you get these kind of cupcake liners: 


…you can fill the second batch of cupcakes or muffins while your first batch is in the oven because they have enough structure to hold themselves up without a muffin pan. 


Another benefit of doing it this way is that any of those little dribbles of batter you spill while you are filling go on to the counter, not the muffin pan where they burn to a crisp in the oven and stay on your pan forever. 

I also suspect (but have not yet tested) that you could put these in a cake pan and bake them and they wouldn’t lose their shape too badly. In case you ever needed to make muffins or cupcakes in bulk and you are like me and only have one real muffin tin. It’s worth trying anyway. 

Disclaimer: this isn’t a sponsored post, I bought these myself. Six years ago though, Dresden did get a pack of these liners for free and gave them to me which is when I switched to using them. I suspect they’ve gotten more than their money back over having my business for the last six years though. 


Ryan put in all the liners for me and he was so proud of himself. He said “dank dou, Mama!” every single time I handed him a new one to put in. 

Friday Night Leftovers- Bunny Edition

•I ate a chocolate bunny before bed tonight. It was asking for it. 

•I have reached the “requires four pillows to sleep” stage of pregnancy. (My normal sleep requires only three.) 

•Second Roomba is the best thing ever. Please invent a dusting Roomba too, iRobot. 

•Also one that vacuums the stairs. I have mental prototypes. Call me, iRobot. I work for Roombas. 

•Elizabeth got her report card today. She did very well. Her only question was “wait, what do I have to get for Krispy Kreme to give me a free doughnut?” (Yes, she got the doughnut requirements.) 

•I’m chaperoning the field trip later this month. Elizabeth is very excited. She asked if I would sit with her on the bus. I said yes. She asked if I would walk with her. I said yes. Then she told me that I would get to know Zoey as well and that would be so great for me. 

•Elizabeth’s teacher walked out to the car to talk to me about the field trip. While she was confirming (nicely) that I would be on time, she looked worriedly at Ryan twice but refrained from making sure I wasn’t going to bring him. (It’s on Matt’s day off. He and Ryan will do something fun. Possibly staying home all day to play cars and eat crackers.) 

School Award Ceremony 

Elizabeth had her quarterly awards ceremony at school this afternoon so Ryan and I went down to watch. Ryan was too excited to nap first because he LOVES going to Sister’s school. He got his backpack all packed up (trains and fruit snacks, all the essentials) and he was wearing his tuxedo t-shirt. 


“I don’t have time for pictures, Mama, we have to GO!” 


When we got to the school, Elizabeth’s class was already in the cafeteria and she was searching the crowd (well, “crowd”- this school doesn’t get a lot of parental participation, it wasn’t very crowded) for us and looked sooo sad until she finally saw us. And then she would wave at us and Ryan would jump up on the bench and shout “HI DISTER!” and wave back. This went on for quite a while. 

She got an Honor Roll certificate and a Perfect Attendance certificate.  



And a hug.  


The best part was that we got to take her home an hour early without waiting in the car rider line. 


Ryan has gotten very into playing with balls lately. We have some soft fabric balls and we are pretty much treating him like a puppy and playing fetch with him. He adores this and the last few nights, he has taken his favorite ball to bed with him. 


To add to the adorableness, he hugs and kisses his ball goodnight and snuggles with it. 

However, I have also found that apparently when he’s ready to sleep, he hurls his ball out of his crib. 


Yep, that’s ball over there by his dresser. He had to have thrown it hard to get it over there too. Poor ball.