I hate getting behind on things. I like everything to run in an orderly fashion, mostly the same as it always does. We’ve been in a time of transition this last week, plus still getting caught up on everything from our extended Christmas. Matt’s moving to a new shift at work and while it is FAR preferable to his old shift, it still is requiring a bit of a routine learning curve. 

Anyway, this is to say that I just took the Christmas tree down (Ryan was very sad) (I was too) and it is February. I have no idea how it got to February without me noticing. I got an email yesterday that had the dates wrong and said that next weekend was March 13th and for a while, I didn’t notice it was wrong because everything has been so disjointed. 

I feel like I should have a conclusion here but: disjointed. Just like life around here lately. Have some pictures of cute babies. 


Feeding Therapy 

Ryan basically only eats crackers and air. His speech therapist is also a feeding therapist two days a week so I asked her recently what she thought about Ryan’s eating habits. She suggested that I bring his breakfast to his speech appointment and she would check it out while simultaneously working on his speech goals. (They did breakfast and eating words. Because, as she says every session, he already knows all his transportation words.) 

So Ryan had his breakfast with her and she said that he is definitely picky but there is also something else there. So, Ryan has unofficially qualified for feeding therapy in conjunction with his speech therapy. We will go through the proper channels (I need a referral from his pediatrician to start, for one) and get him an official qualification in the next couple of weeks. I have a new goal list pinned to my fridge. (The first goal on the list is “willing to be in the room with the food” and Ryan will do that, so it is nice that I can check off a couple right away.) And onward! It’s always nice to have a plan. 

Sleeping Dibits

I still thoroughly enjoy going into Elizabeth’s room after she falls asleep and taking pictures of her. You see, I can take a good picture because she sleeps with her overhead light on. 

(For some reason, she is sleeping with a pillow stuffed inside her pajamas. Who can explain it?) 


I am in the middle of my occasional Great Food Clear Out. I am not buying any main course things at the grocery store and I am trying to feed us from the fridge, freezer, and pantry as much as possible. I do this periodically (and always before we move, which we are not doing thankyouverymuch) because it cuts back on the amount of stuff I have that I look at and go “ew, when did I buy THAT?” We are getting into the weird meals part. Occasionally I pull together something good (we had all the ingredients for tacos tonight!) but some nights it is like “okay, who is ready for beans, hard boiled eggs, crackers, and salad dressing?!” 

Now, not to jinx anything, but Elizabeth is finally and suddenly eating actual food. For example, I put a bunch of taco fillings on her plate tonight at dinner (beef, rice, beans, and a taco shell) and she ate almost all of them. Even the things she didn’t like, she was willing to take the “just try three bites of it” bites of. It is amazing. Also, when she looked at her plate, she remembered that I often call food that I have separated out into ingredients for the kids “deconstructed _____” because of all the Food Network shows we used to watch and she said “ooh, I have disintegrated tacos for dinner.”