Friday Night Leftovers-  Almost School Edition

•I fell asleep in the rocking chair last night and now my shoulders hurt. Sleeping sitting up and not moving is not recommended. 

•Elizabeth is going to be excited to start school again to have some kids to play with. She’s been spending a lot of time lately begging me to play with her. 

•Ryan yells “No, Dister! No go!” every time someone mentions school. He is not excited. 

•I’m going to make him start napping every day again when school starts. He’s been skipping a lot of days because we are doing something or because I let him skip when they are playing nicely together. 

•I’m starting to feel like I’m nearly done fixing up the house. Which is good since we have almost lived here a year. Maybe one of these days I will even post pictures of the house. 

Elizabeth, Child Therapist

We had speech therapy for Ryan this morning. Obviously Elizabeth has been coming along because school hasn’t started yet. She loves it because it is basically a room full of great toys. In the waiting room, she started playing with a little boy, maybe about two. She was pretending he was a dog and she was a dog trainer. He got called back for his therapy (they do OT and PT there too). We waited for a few more minutes for Ryan’s speech therapist and then we were called to the back as well. When we went back, this little boy saw Elizabeth again and ran up to her all excited. I was all “come into our room, Elizabeth, and stop distracting this boy from his therapy.” Our therapist went out to get the supplies for our session and when she came back, she asked if one of the other therapists could borrow Elizabeth while Ryan had his session. I said sure, she took Elizabeth to another room, and when she came back, she told me that this little boy had never interacted with other kids before. So as soon as they saw him interested in Elizabeth, they snatched her up and she helped with his whole therapy session. She said that she played with him with two different kinds of toys and he would bark like a puppy when she wanted him to. 
My kid is just the best. 

Cloth Diapering a Tiny or Premature Baby

Alexandra wasn’t premature but she was as small as a premature baby. She also ended up being sensitive to paper diapers so I switched her to cloth diapers around day seven. She was still around five pounds and nine ounces around then and nothing I had ready in newborn cloth diaper sizes fit. 

Here is what ended up working for us: 

Green Mountain Diaper preemie sized prefolds: 

(Disclaimer: I bought most of them but Karen from GMDs sent me a pack of them when I emailed her a different picture for their preemie sized page because she wanted pictures of a tiny baby wearing them for their website. So nice of her.) 

Blueberry Capri newborns. I only have one of these. Blueberry Mini Coveralls did not fit. They must be slightly bigger than the Capris. 

Bummis Super Whisper covers. I wish they came in snaps, Alex was always curled up and the Velcro would rub on her stomach. 

Thirsties size newborn and size extra small. Size ones were too big and way too big. The newborn sized fit well as soon as I tried. For the extra small, I had to leave one snap undone because they don’t have cross over snaps and Alex was too small. 

(Disclaimer: Jessica sent me these three covers from Thirsties and thank goodness she did or my baby would have had nothing to wear.) 


Sorry for the baby sadness. It was the only picture of the extra small Thirsties I could find and apparently she didn’t approve of the undone snap.   
Green Mountain Diapers newborn workhorses. These were too big around the legs, much too big. But as long as they had a properly fitting cover over them, they didn’t leak. 

  And with the Bummis cover over it: 
GoodMama newborn fitteds. Same as the GMD workhorses, too big around the legs, but worked with a good cover.   
This is a Blueberry Mini Coverall that didn’t fit (too loose around the legs), but was so cute that I took pictures of anyway.