Friday Night Leftovers- So Cute Edition 

•My sister has been visiting this week so we have been playing tourist. That is always fun. 

•We did Magic Kingdom, Universal, and Epcot. 

•I love the Food and Wine Festival. So many good things to eat. 

•It’s kind of sort of starting to cool off a little. It’s still sometimes 90 degrees with 98% humidity but then there are other times where you think “hmm, it’s not so hot that I am instantly drowning in sweat.” 

•Soon we will be into that lovely period of fall and winter where everyone wants to move to Florida because it is just so delightful all the time. About a month left if I remember right. 

•My kids are all just so cute and awesome. I really love them. Ryan is starting to talk finally and he’s adorable. Alex is starting to smile and interact and she’s adorable. Elizabeth is just the best big kid ever and she’s adorable. They can all stay. 


We were at Disney in the rain recently and I’m sorry, is there anything cuter than a tiny boy with a giant umbrella? 


See also: Tiny Boy in Poncho 


Baby Carousel 

We went to Disney on Sunday. I had Alex in a carrier most of the day. At one point, Elizabeth wanted to go on the carousel. When Ryan was an infant, I learned that Disney allows babies on rides in carriers as long as they are in a front carry. (And obviously, as long as it is a ride you are allowed to take an infant on in the first place.) Alex is still too small for back carries anyway, so I figured we were good to go. 

I was strapping Elizabeth on her horse when the ride operator came over and told me I had to take the baby out of the carrier. I was surprised that Disney considers carrying her in my arms to be safer than a carrier, but whatever. I finished buckling Elizabeth, took Alex out of the carrier and was holding her while I was standing next to Elizabeth’s horse. (I find the carousel horses to be somewhat uncomfortable to sit on, better suited for child butts, so I stand instead.) The ride operator came over again and apologized for not being clear the first time but it turns out that Disney has changed the rule and they don’t allow carried babies on the carousel at all anymore. She implied that someone had fallen off. Anyway, this new technicality added up to: 


Baby’s First Carousel Ride. 

(Photography by Dibits. As my hands were busy holding my two month old on a carousel horse. It WAS adorable, if a bit ridiculous.)