But, Mom!

When I tell the children not to do something, they often offer me an explanation like it is going to make me totally change my mind and allow them to do whatever it is I’ve just told them to quit. 

For example: 

Me: “Don’t jump on the furniture.” 

Elizabeth: “Ryan just wants to get his balloon.” 

Me: “Oh, then by all means, jump up and down on our living room furniture and risk furniture damage and head injuries.” 

I think it’s a logical reason to them so they expect me to immediately agree with them. 

A Rose by Any Other Name 

We still have no name for this baby. Elizabeth has solved this problem for us by suggesting (this has been her suggestion from the beginning in fact) that we simply name the baby after her- Elizabeth Two. She’ll also allow Elizabeth Junior, but she prefers Elizabeth Two. 

Why was Elizabeth so easy to name and the next ones have been so hard? We had Elizabeth completely named before we knew she was a girl. (Which was nice because I don’t think we had a boy’s name picked out.) Ryan wasn’t named until like a week and a half before he was born. And we are on track for the same kind of schedule for this one too. (Thankfully we have lots more than a week and a half left but it’s not like we are making any progress either.) Did we only have enough naming power for one kid? 

We have kind of a list for this one but nothing is standing out on it. Matt suggested one name that made me go “hmm.” And a week later, I was sold on that name. Ready to have things embroidered. And Matt changed his mind and didn’t like it any more. (Which is totally fair, I’m pretty sure I did the same thing when we were naming Ryan and possibly several times.) So we are back to square one again. 

Maybe we should just go with Elizabeth Two. I mean, we are bound to call her Elizabeth by mistake most of the time anyway. We might as well just make it official. 

Where Did the Time Go? 

At the end of last week, Ryan had about a day and a half of fever that never went anywhere. He never got very sick at all, just a little extra warmth. I gave him some ibuprofen and he was basically fine. 

Elizabeth came down with what is probably the same thing today. She’s not dealing with the fever quite as well, but has no other symptoms, just a fever. She woke up this morning just before five, miserable and crying about being lonely and never went back to sleep. (Luckily, Matt stayed up with her and I did go back to sleep.) She was okay this morning but pathetic and hot again around eleven. She voluntarily went up to her bed at noon and slept for about five and a half hours. 

She returned downstairs and is feeling a little better. Then she started asking me what we were doing today. I explained that she had slept most of the day and it was almost over. She was flabbergasted that such a thing could happen. A whole day! Totally gone. Without doing anything. 


Friday Night Leftovers- PSA Edition

•Random PSA for the day. Last night, Ryan had a little fever so I gave him some ibuprofen before bed. I poured it out into the little measuring cup that came with the bottle (because the bottle is almost empty and it’s too far down to reach with the medicine syringe) and then I drew up the medicine into a medicine syringe (because Ryan likes those and will happily take medicine if he gets to squirt it into his mouth himself.) Even though I measured it properly into the cup and checked the amount at eye level, when I drew it up into the syringe, I still had 7ml instead of 5ml. This morning, I did the same thing and had 4ml instead of 5ml. So use those dosing syringes, they are much more accurate. 

•I heard the AAP is trying to get pharmacies and medicine manufacturers to get rid of the dosing cups and just do syringes for this very reason. I think it was the AAP. I forget for sure and don’t feel like looking it up. It was someone. 

•Ryan hasn’t had a fever since this morning. Let us all cross our fingers that twelve hours of minor fever is all there was. 

•Tonight I just caved to the inevitable and let Elizabeth into the big bed the first time she came out. Maybe if I break the habit by letting her have what she wants, it will get better faster. 

•Also, I don’t think it is a coincidence that she is having nighttime separation anxiety and is getting a baby sister relatively soon. When Ryan was born, she had to sleep with me for a couple of months, I think. (Well, I know she had to sleep with me. I think it was for a couple of months.) We stepped down that time, eventually ending up with me on a mattress on the floor of her room. She eventually got over it. By the end, we were having her fall asleep on her own and telling her I would come in afterward. And by the end, she was actually sleeping on her own and I wasn’t even bothering to sleep in there, just telling her that I was. It was the final step. 

•Elizabeth did go to sleep an hour and a half earlier than last night since I just let her come right in. So I can go to sleep an hour and a half earlier too. 

•Yes, even I am getting tired of hearing me talk about Elizabeth’s lack of sleep. I shall try to start being more interesting. Want to hear about all the errands I have been running lately?