Triny- No Eat Me!

Ryan has apparently decided that he is delicious and that the dog has him on the menu. Now, he’s not in the least afraid of being eaten, but he definitely thinks it is going to happen. 

We keep the dog and the kids on separate sides of a baby gate most of the time (we find neither dogs nor babies to be 100% trustworthy and we don’t want either species getting hurt). Whenever Ryan and Trin cross paths, Ryan says “Triny, no eat me!” or “I no food, Triny!” He says it in an amused and exasperated voice, like “I can’t believe I have to tell this dog that I am not food AGAIN!” 

Solid Food 

“Give them solid food, they say. They’ll stop spitting up when they eat solids, they say…” she mutters while scrubbing meatloaf, stuffing, corn, and milk off of Sandra Boynton’s Little Pookie book. 



Please return for my four AM rant about how solid food is supposed to magically make them sleep through the night too.