Ryan’s Joke

Ryan asked me to tell him a joke: 

Jen: Knock knock. 

Ryan: Who dere? 

Jen: Banana. 

Ryan: Banana! Come inside, banana! (Uproarious laughter.) 

Ten Times

We are taking the kids to Epcot in the morning for a little while. So while I was putting Ryan to bed, I said “tomorrow we can go on Donald boat ride tomorrow. How many times should we ride?” And Ryan told me we should ride ten times. And I asked how many times I should ride. He told me I could go two times. I asked why I could only go two times and he could go ten times, who was going to go with him the other times? And he said his daddy was. And I asked “not everyone?” And he sighed and said “Mama, sometimes I yike to go everyone. And sometimes I yike to go with just daddy.” 

Well then. 

Walmart Grocery Pickup

A few months ago, I started using Walmart’s grocery pickup service and I am here to report on it for you. 

So how it works is you place your order online or on the special grocery app. Then you drive to Walmart, park in the special labeled parking spot, and call a phone number. Then someone wheels your groceries out to your car and puts them in your trunk. 

You don’t even have to get your children out of the car. Let’s say that again. You don’t even have to get your children out of the car. 

That was the main selling point for me. Walmart is not close to our house here (I drive past three Publixes to get to it and there are two others the other way) and it is a terrible-ish one. I really hadn’t shopped there since we moved here. So not having to actually go into the store is basically the best thing ever. 

They do about a 90% job picking out the same things I would pick out. The milks have far away expiration dates and the produce and meat have been almost all excellent. I had two onions that were rotten inside but to be fair, I couldn’t tell they were rotten until I cut them open, so I probably would have bought them even if I had picked them out myself too. I have gotten the occasional cracked egg. But in general, they’ve done about the same job picking out produce and meat that I have done. 

If you order something and they don’t have it, they will substitute something similar for it. For example, I ordered like a twenty pack box of fruit snacks and they were out of stock. They brought me a 64 count box instead but only charged me for the cheaper box. When I order baby food, they are almost always out of stock of at least one kind of pouch but they just bring a different kind and whatever. You can also click a “do not substitute” button, like if you only want a specific brand of ice cream. 

Ordering is pretty easy. Ordering through the app was just about the most convenient thing ever because when I ran out of something or thought of something, I would just pull out my phone, add it to my cart throughout the week, and the next time I would have to think about it was when I was putting the groceries away later. However the app stopped working a month or two ago and hasn’t been fixed. The website also doesn’t work on mobile at the moment (or at least on my iPhone) so I have to order everything on the computer. Less convenient than it was but better than actually grocery shopping. And hopefully they will fix it. 

I also enjoy that the subsequent times I ordered, when I clicked check out, it took me through a “you usually order these things, want any of them this time?” page. And sometimes no, I do not. But mostly of the time, I say “darn it, I did forget the cheese.” So it’s been helpful for that too. 

It marks things you order frequently as favorites and you can also edit that list yourself. I usually start my order from that list. 

You can’t order anything that Walmart sells. It’s primarily just groceries and things like household items and toiletries. Kind of the stuff you find in your average grocery store. They also have a $30 minimum order but I can spent thirty dollars on groceries without blinking so that’s never been a problem. 

You schedule a time for pickup when you place your order. So far I’ve had no trouble getting a slot but they are getting more popular around here. I usually order at night and pick it up the next morning but once I was ordering in the morning and it offered to let me pick it up at five that night. When you order, it also gives you a cut off time for the last time you can make changes to your order. (Mine has always been like six hours before my time slot, so 2:00am before my 8:00-9:00am slot.) 

In general, this is a living in the future and thank goodness I don’t have to get out of the car with three children during the summer service. It has a few problems but overall, it is so much better than actually going grocery shopping. 

Okay! If you want to try this for yourself, I have a referral code. Click that link and once you make your order, you get ten dollars off and I get ten dollars off. If you don’t want me to get ten dollars off, there’s a code floating around that just gives you ten dollars off. Or ask around and get someone else’s referral code. But at least get someone ten dollars off. You can buy a lot of pouches with ten dollars. 

For the record, this wasn’t sponsored or anything. I just want you to also be able to get groceries without getting your children out of the car.