Tiny Hole Update

Remember ages ago when we discussed those tiny holes I (and a lot of you) get in your shirts? We settled on it being something to do with jeans making those little holes. One of you suggested that it was probably the pressure of the button when you lean up against something hard like a countertop. And I think that is probably the answer.

For more proof of that, I haven’t had any more holes in my shirts since I wrote that post and have been specifically trying to avoid leaning up against countertops and such. For further proof, I have no tiny holes in any of my (worn for all pregnancies) maternity shirts and I suspect that is because maternity pants do not have buttons. 

Also, all pants should have elastic waists, so let’s get on that, clothing manufacturers. 

Guest Room Amenities 

I’m finally finishing up the guest room here (ignore for a moment that multiple different people have already stayed in it while it was unfinished.) What are your favorite things to find in a guest room where you are staying? I keep a basket full of sample sized toiletries in our guest bathroom, plus bottled water and a few non-perishable snacks in a basket in the bedroom. I also like to have things like extra toilet paper and clorox wipes in the bathroom so guests don’t have to ask for things like that. (You know, so when your kid pees in the bathtub, you can clean it up yourself instead of having to go to your host and say “excuse me, my kid peed in your bathtub…” No? Just me?) Relevant to our locale, I think I’m also going to put all the Disney maps in a folder. Any other bright ideas? 

Baby Yoga

My gym sent out an email yesterday saying they were going to start a Tuesday evening Adult & Child Yoga class. Well, it’s my gym because the fees for it are included in our homeowners association fees. So I can go there in theory. But since they don’t offer childcare (yet, I’m working on them), I can’t go there in practice. So I jumped on this Adult & Child Yoga class. The email said that the teacher had experience teaching children from ages 2-17 and the class was held in the children’s play area. The adult class was held across the hall, separately. So not only did I get to go to class, I got to go to class ALONE. I haven’t been to a gym class at all since last July and I haven’t been regularly in a full year and I really miss it. I used to go at least three times a week. My muscles are still there but they are not as impressive as they once were. (I used to have ARM MUSCLES, you guys. Now I just have some muscles on my arms.) I am so thrilled to be able to go again, even if it is only once a week for now. They mentioned tonight that they may add a similar Adult & Child Zumba class soon. (Dooooo it, gym. Do it.) 

I’m also excited that my kids get the chance to participate in some classes. I tried to get my old GA gym to do some child classes but they never did. Elizabeth seems to have actually participated in the full yoga class and she reports that Ryan mostly just walked around the room and played. (Whatever! He’s two and did I mention that I was alone in my own yoga class at the time?) But I am thrilled that they are getting exposed to this at their young ages and I hope it’s something that continues to be available for us. (Yes, come August, there becomes a problem with their 2-17 age limit but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.) 

Also, dude, how cute is this?  


Dollars for Sleep Update

It is actually going really well. She’s definitely motivated by the concrete reward system, plus something she can see, to help her stay in bed. 

The second benefit is that so far she has forgotten to remove the dollar from her bedside table every night. Because of this, this experiment has only cost me a single dollar.