Taekwondo Busy Work

Elizabeth and Ryan do taekwondo twice a week and this year, their classes aren’t at the same time. So this means that we are at taekwondo for two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That’s…a lot of class for me to sit through. I try to bring things to do so I’m not just wasting these hours each week. I’ve been paying bills here and doing paperwork for a while. Sometimes I catch up on texts (or blog posts- hi). I can’t do anything in depth because it’s noisy and I only have about ten seconds of sustained attention at a time. Sometimes I can read on my kindle app on my phone but it has to be a particularly quiet day.

I need taekwondo to put in a desk for me so I could get more done.

Tableware Advice

These are my plates and silverware. If you had this, what kind of placemats and napkins would you get? I want something colorful that isn’t overwhelming. Our table is a dark wood and I want to replace it eventually but it will probably also be with a dark wood. I got the silverware and white plates (and then later replaced the white plates with these better white plates) ages ago and I still haven’t chosen placemats and napkins to go with them. Help.

(P.S. I’m aware that comments aren’t working and I will fix that someday but in the meantime, tweet me (HereWeGoAJen) or email me?)

Empty One

Alex likes to help me put my rings on in the morning. She gets them off my little ring holder and then sorts them out (I have three, it doesn’t take long) and then puts them on the right fingers for me.

The thing that amuses me the most about this is that she calls my wedding ring “the empty one.” She calls the other two “this one.” “Can I put da empty one on dis finger now, Mama?”

“We are going to make a change.”

Ryan informed us tonight that he got to play on the playground at school all by himself for a WHOLE MINUTE. We asked him to explain in a little more detail and he said that his teacher said “we are going to make a change.” And then she said that since Ryan is always in his seat doing his work that he got to play on the playground all by himself for a minute. And that when he finishes his work in his seat, he can turn it in and then go play on the carpet for TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES.

Ryan is very impressed by all of this. All his being good is finally paying off.