Friday Night Leftovers – Anti Germ Edition

  • OH HEAVENS AND GOOD GRIEF AND NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Matt came home from work yesterday not feeling well, woke up sick (I slept in the guest room as a precaution), and then Elizabeth woke up with a cough.  Curse you, germs, and get out of my house.
  • Did I mention that we are getting a new baby in a little more than a week and a half?  GO AWAY GERMS.
  • I had a bunch of stuff that I was going to do today but I canceled it all so that we could stay home. In the hopes that Elizabeth will get better and I will not get sick at all.
  • I already cleaned out the linen closet (it was pretty clean, it only needed a little reorganizing) and set up the pack and play in our room.
  • When I talk about how much I still have to do before the baby is born, everyone always says “oh, babies don’t really need much!”  And I am like “I KNOW, ALL THIS STUFF IS FOR THE REST OF US.”  (Still on list: finish Halloween costumes, get Matt’s chair repaired, get my car’s brake pads replaced… See? No baby stuff.)
  • I’m not nesting, I swear. (Though I did find this post really interesting, when some of you said that you really did experience hormonally driven nesting.) I am forcing myself to do these things. I’d rather be on the couch with a magazine and some nice brownies.
  • I am, however, doing a little online ordering of fancy baby carriers.  (Baby K’Tan, on the way!)  Since Matt and I share an Amazon Prime account, Amazon emails him whenever I order anything.  So he calls me from work to tease me.
  • I allllmost just ordered a Beco carrier too.  Maybe I will wait until tomorrow.  (But it’s sooo pretty!)
  • And my cloth diapers came yesterday.  I don’t have little tiny diapers (yet), but I am getting reasonably close to having enough bigger diapers. And, yes, that is backwards, since the baby starts out tiny. Time to shop!  (And I still need to buy Matt the Batman diaper.  He neeeeeeeds the Batman diaper.) (Not really. Matt doesn’t care about diapers at all. But I know he will like the Batman diaper.)
  • NOOOOOOOO.  I am starting to feel more tired than I ought to. I am going to lie on the couch right now. GO AWAY GERMS.

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Dentist Girl

Before we start this, let’s all go back and read about her last dentist visit, shall we?

Well, this visit was a total 180.  She was compliant and well behaved and brave.

She had X-rays.

She actually did better at X-rays than I normally do.  (I have a really strong gag reflex and I normally end up unintentionally spitting out at least one of the X-ray plates and have to have it done again.)  (Of course, they only did two on her and only her front teeth.)

After the X-rays, she hopped down from the chair and informed the tech “that didn’t hurt at all!”

She opened her mouth willingly! For a stranger she had never met! For a strange MAN she had never met!  (Elizabeth warms up to women much faster.)  She doesn’t even open her mouth this well for me to brush her teeth every night.

She allowed him to do every single part of the cleaning.  Every single part.  The only part she had a problem with was the fluoride treatment and that is because it was a foam that he shoved around her mouth with his finger and she was gagging on it and frankly, I don’t blame her. You wouldn’t do that to an adult.

She thought the chair that went up and down was very cool and she liked wearing their sunglasses.  (We brought her Ariel sunglasses with us, but she preferred theirs with the stripes.)

And when we were done, they gave her a bag of prizes! And they were a TOOTHBRUSH! WITH PRINCESSES! And a FLOSSER! (This is her favorite one. I do not know why.) And a tube of BABY TOOTHPASTE! (It is a baby toothpaste because it is smaller than a whole tube of toothpaste, duh.) And a STICKER.  WHOA.

She walked around the whole waiting room and showed every kid there her toothbrush and flosser.

Then she gave me her sticker for “helping me be brave, Mama!”  So I died of cuteness.  Then she took the sticker away from me, stuck it on my stomach, and gave it to baby brother.  So I died again.

(Picture is of my new Dora sticker and Elizabeth insisted on her precious flosser getting its picture taken too.)

All the credit for this excellent visit goes to Doc McStuffins and the dentist episode and the fact that I had a set of Doc McStuffins tools in the car that I told her she could choose one from if she didn’t cry.



Well, my blog spent about three days being broken! It was terrible and I nearly died.  Okay, that is a rather large exaggeration.  But I did have a little bit of panic about whether or not I would be able to get it fixed!

So. Back. It would be nice if I had something interesting to say, but we’ve been tremendously overscheduled lately and I am tired. We had three (THREE) playdates yesterday.  And today, Elizabeth had a dentist appointment (that’s what I ought to write about actually, maybe tomorrow) and I had a doctor’s appointment so that took up all of the day.

Instead, I am going to copy and paste what I had half written on Saturday when the blog went down.

  • Does anyone have: a newborn sized black onesie, preferably long sleeved; a size 4 red leotard, preferably long sleeved; or ladybug rain boots that are looking for a new home? Elizabeth has decided that she shall be Ladybug Girl for Halloween this year. I can find all these things on Amazon, but if I bought them new, it would be like $70. And no. So I thought I’d check the lovely internet for hand-me-downs first.
  • My to do list is finally getting shorter. I kept adding things to it, but it looks like I am approaching the end. Go, me.

Oh good grief.  Did I say half written? That’s abominable.  Ignore this post completely.  Unless you have hand me downs for my Halloween costume needs.  Then answer that part.

Diaper Bag Organization

Okay, I need some input here. I got a new and beautiful diaper bag a couple of months ago from my mother who somehow magically got a gift certificate to an online bag shop and split it between my sister and me. (And then I ordered a more expensive bag, told her I would mail her a check for the extra money and she said “oh, don’t worry about it.” She’s a nice mom.)

Anyway, I need a way to keep this diaper bag organized. With just Elizabeth’s stuff in it, it can all be kind of shoved in there and I can just rummage when we need something because honestly, we only really need a diaper bag for about one out of every three outings and even then, we are mostly just using wipes to clean sticky fingers. But when the New One arrives, I shall need a proper diaper bag and I will need to have it organized and accessible because I will actually be using it.

So what are your fabulous bag organizing ideas? What have you found that works really well for you and what doesn’t work at all?