What’s that in that picture down below?  Oh, it’s just about $200 worth of shoes that I paid about $15 for.  (And a dog’s head, evoking his right to examine everything I bring into the house.)

The best deal is the pink Stride Rite Toddler Tech shoes which I got for $1.60 at Goodwill.  Those are $55 new, as I know since I have been looking at the same pair (albeit in black) at the Stride Rite store.  The pair on the end are Pediped boys shoes, also for $1.60, which I bought for Barb’s E.  And I was so glad that I could figure out a little boy to buy them for because there was NO WAY I was leaving a pair of Pediped shoes on the rack for $1.60.  I got the other two pairs at the children’s consignment store, the off brand for $3 and the patent leather Stride Rite Toddler Techs for $10.

All the shoes are in really good shape.  I slapped some shoe polish on the black leather pair and some clear shoe polish on the other two pairs (not the Pedipeds, they are cloth) and they pretty much look brand new.  I may go out and look for some pink shoe polish to match the pink ones, since they have a little scuffing on the toes and Elizabeth puts scuffing on the toes of shoes that she wears anyway.  (If I buy shoe polish for them, it will likely cost more than the shoes did.)  But overall, shoe dilemma solved!  And I so will be going back to that Goodwill.


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    Way to score on the shoes! I wish I had your Goodwill. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I’ll set my sister on the hunt for us (she’s a freaking bargain bloodhound!!!).

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    I love thrifting!! It’s amazing the expensive and quality things you can find. When I have kids, I will be mostly buying their clothes from ebay and the Salvation Army.

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    Awesome deals! I have been meaning to check out the Goodwill by our house (we have lived there for over a year now and I still haven’t stopped to see what kind of stuff they have).

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    Dude, I need to start going to thrift stores. ALL of my friends do this and it honestly doesn’t occur to me. Does that make me a huge snob? I am not opposed to secondhand! It’s just… I think I feel like I have to HUNT for things and I HATE hunting for things. However. Those shoes are pretty cute.

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