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How to Repurpose a Crib for Storage.

Step one: Shove crib into nearly empty room.

Step two: Dump stuff into crib.


I did this before Elizabeth was born too. Cribs are really useful for holding a bunch of stuff.

(I can’t put anything away until I buy the dresser. I can’t buy the dresser until the room is painted because it gets attached to the wall when it’s put together. And some of my fantastic friends are helping me paint the room, but not until Friday.)


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    Hah! Ours was a dedicated cat bed. I remember trying to get them to stop sleeping in it in the weeks before Eliza was born, terrified they would snuggle her to death once she arrived. Needn’t have worried, of course, since they avoid her like the plague.

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    Damien’s crib still serves as storage. It’s his current dresser, specifically, until he’s out of our room and in the crib. Then he’ll get a real dresser of his own.

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